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Cubic Inc provides a complete range of geotechnical services including site investigations, stability analyses, testing and inspection services. We offer specialized knowledge and experience in foundation engineering, earthquake geotechnique, geo-hazards, pile load testing, embankments on soft soils, oil sands tailings, retaining wall design, tunnelling and trenchless technology.

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Foundation Engineering

Foundation engineering requires an assessment of the ground conditions and selection of the most appropriate method to transfer the loads into the ground while limiting the impacts on the local environment. We provide complete geotechnical services including site investigation, ground improvement, foundation design, shoring and underpinning, liquefaction assessment, seismic design, materials engineering, testing (soils, rock, concrete, asphalt) and construction inspection.

Slope Stability Engineering

Slope stability engineering encompasses the assessment of static and dynamic stability of natural and man-made slopes in soil and rock and the development of mitigation measures. Cubic Energy's expertise includes identification of landslide triggering mechanisms, deterministic and probabilistic landslide hazard assessments, site investigation, field instrumentation, movement monitoring, laboratory testing, debris flows, coastal erosion, earthquake-induced slope movements and design of stabilization works.

Retaining Structures

Urban developments are expanding into marginal terrain and retaining structures are often used to create more useable space. Cubic Energy's experience includes site investigations, lateral earth pressures, design parameters for gravity, cantilever and modular block walls, MSE walls, geogrid reinforced slopes, anchored slope mesh, vegetated bag walls, tangent pile walls, sheet piles, shotcrete and anchor systems and field inspection services.

Earthworks Design and Construction

Earthworks projects typically involve the construction of roads, railways, dams, dikes, mines and landfills where geotechnical assessment is crucial to the success of the project. Cubic Energy has extensive experience in terrain assessment, drilling investigations, laboratory testing, slope stability analysis, staged construction and wick drains, ground improvement techniques, field instrumentation and monitoring, erosion control, in-situ permeability testing (AEP), and materials and construction QA/QC.